Experience & Knowledge


Experience and knowledge matter when you decide to sell or purchase real estate. My experience comes from decades of being in business and my knowledge comes from an academic and broad business background in real estate and finance.

We help avoid costly mistakes

My business methods are prudent and tend to be more conservative than others. My objective is to make the process of doing business as trouble-free as possible. I do my best to “pave the way” and to remove the “rocks in the road” before my clients have a chance to stumble. Completely avoiding all problems is impossible, but you can almost always reduce the potential risk by using prudent business methods.

We help preserve and accumulate wealth

Your immediate goals and objectives for real estate are part of an overall plan to accumulate and preserve your wealth and your quality of life. Your wealth is really the things in your life that you value the most: your health, your family, your friends, the community you share with other people and your lifestyle. These are the things that give meaning to your life and provide joy and a sense of satisfaction to your day-to-day living. I have a philosophical belief that all of your business decisions need to be leading you toward the wealth you would like to enjoy in your life.

We are experienced

The purpose and primary objective of my business is to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help people accomplish their immediate real estate objectives. Immediate goals for real estate are almost always associated with a larger plan for the preservation of wealth and to maintain a quality of life. Learn more about me.