Key Benefits


Experience, knowledge, and long-term relationships in the business community help support efficient and cost effective closed escrows. Knowing who to call for help and knowing how to solve problems can make the difference between a quick closed escrow and an escrow drawn out over time with numerous problems.

We operate with Integrity and Confidentially

Integrity and strict confidentiality are professional standards that are not to be compromised. All successful long-term business relationships are based on the faith and the trust of the people working together. My clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that I am impeccable and absolute in maintaining the integrity of my performance on their behalf and vigilant in the preservation of the confidentiality of all my business affairs.

We provide Information and Knowledge

We use our knowledge and experience to your advantage to help you successfully close your escrow as quickly as possible and with the fewest possible problems.

We use our Experience to Your Advantage

Experience matters. In real estate, there are no “barriers to entry”. Anyone that can pass the state licensing examination and afford to pay the related fees, can be a Realtor. Having years of experience in both real estate and finance can help you save money and avoid costly mistakes. Learn more about my experience.

We value Long-term Business Relationships

Successful long-term business relationships are one of my most valuable assets. In a small community like Chico, people do business with the same people numerous times over the years. The ability to maintain integrity and to build trust and credibility in the community is a significant advantage when it comes to solving problems and getting work completed. Real Estate is a problem oriented business and having the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently is worth time and money to my clients. Many of my clients as well as service providers have been working with me for decades, as their personal choice.